Sic Parvis Magna


My personal favorite piece from Brawl. It just felt so… instant classic, and really brought me back to Super Metroid; my favorite of the series. I really hope Sakurai brought the theme back for Sm4sh


Smash 4 Menu theme

I haven’t played Melee in years, but my hype for Smash is through the roof so I’ll just be making posts here until it releases in Japan on Saturday (our Friday)!

Seriously one of the best video game themes ever, and I don’t think I’ve heard a more well done cover.. ever!

No no no..


They need to announce Simon Belmont already.

Castlevania is 28 years old, it deserves some more love.

I’m not against Belmont, but Samurai really needs to announce Home Depot before that


Started playing it on PS4, really like it.. Guess I’ll have more to say later

I know, I know. This is about the 5th time I’ve remixed the boss pieces. I just haven’t felt that I’ve captured the theme in all it’s evil glory yet, so here’s another try. This time it stays quite true to the originals and utilises the new CineBrass album to give some epic brass crazyness.

We’ll just have to see how happy I am with this one and whether I’ll attack it again at a future date :)

FL Studio 10, Kontakt 4, Cinesamples CineBrass, HollyWoodwinds, CineCrash & CineSnare, Audiobro LA Scoring Strings, Project Sam Symphobia, Symphobia 2, True Strike, Spitfire Percussion.

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7. Video game character you’ve had a crush on?

  • I never really had a crush on a video game character honestly. I -always- had a lot of admiration for Samus though. She’s freakin’ awesome.

11. A game that holds a special place in your heart?

  • Mario 3 - Playing this as a kid, it really felt like I was on an adventure with Mario.
  • Luigi’s Mansion - Best ending to a game I’ve seen.
  • Bomberman 64 - Fun times in multiplayer
  • Super Mario Land 2 - My first Gameboy game!
  • Kirby’s Adventure - Started my Kirby addiction
  • Metroid Fusion - first Metroid game I owned, still one of my favorites.
  • PSO - Soooo many hours put into that game
  • Donkey Kong Country 2 - First SNES game I owned
  • Banjo-Kazooie - Cemented my love for 3D Adventure collect-a-thons

21. Scariest video game you’ve played?

  • Tough call since I don’t play much horror ( love watching them though ), the original Metroid on the NES scared me pretty good as a kid, and Metroid Fusion did it even more. Fusion was so dang atmospheric.

28. How often do you use cheats?

  • Not really at all honestly. I used to use them a bunch when I was younger on the N64 and Gameboy, but after the Gamecube I really just kinda stopped. I might use them every so often nowadays for a spot of silly fun, but never to progress etc.

35. Do you skip tutorials, or find them useful?

  • Most of the time, I skip. I think they’re annoying.

I find your lack of Smash Bros in your favorites disturbing.

3rd gif in your gif folder is how you react to someone calling you cute.